I am an IT security professional with more than 15 years of experience in the IT and security field. Because of ITSec threats all of You, willing to protect own IT infrastructure, i would like to offer:

  • protection against industrial espionage
  • the pointing of possible ways to hack into network and eliminating them
  • network traffic monitoring (24h) for any signs of break-in

I do penetration tests (examine IT security level), detect hacking attempts, already hacked networks and reconfigure them disallowing futher control of unauthorized individuals

I analyze new type of threats created almost every day and reconfigure my clients system properly or submit to IT stuff.

In last few years industrial espionage has become main problem for big companies and states. It has evolved into rivalization between coutries. China's (one of the main players) military unit "APT1", which main goal is to steal other countires and foreign companies industral secrets, was described in Mandiant report.

IT infrastructure left without proper supervision gets compromised.

Whole world eavesdropping (email, phone calls, text messages, faxes) by NSA and GCHQ (disclosed by Edward Snowden) even against allies (spying on chancellor Merkel) shows the need to protect own information.

Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, some countries (especially neighboring Russia) has reasonable concerns about their safety:

I am willing to personally showcase the form of co-operation and to answer any of Your questions.